How do I change energy supplier?

Based on your current contract and your last energy bill, we will draw up a Contract with our company. You provide us with a mandate to act on your behalf and arrange all necessary steps. We will cancel your current contract and arrange a distribution contract with a distribution network company, if needed. We will ensure that your change of supplier is smooth and hassle free.

Energy prices have several elements. Which is the competitive part (non-regulated)?

There are two non-regulated elements of energy price that are subjects to a competition: price of electricity power (or gas) and fixed monthly charge for a supply point. Other elements are regulated by a decision of the Energy Regulatory Office and therefore no competition is allowed in this area. You should focus on the non-regulated part. Regulated element is the same for each supplier.

How long does it take to change supplier?

The beginning of supply from our company depends on a termination of your current contract. When you give the notice, the notice period during which your current supplier will most likely contact you commences. We will be happy to confirm any information you will be given.

If your contract is for an indefinite period, the notice period is 3 months by law, but can be shorter.

If your contract is for a definite period, the notice period depends on a type of your contract.

Starting the delivery is possible after termination of the contractual relationship with the former supplier.

When will I get the final bill from my previous supplier?

After we start supplying energy to you, you will receive your final bill from your original supplier with the amount calculated as of the last day of your contract.

If I overpay on my monthly payments, will you refund the overpaid amount or apply it against next monthly payment as majority of other suppliers do?

To comply with VOP, any overpayment is applied against your future monthly payments. If you disagree, we will refund the overpayment to your account.

How can I pay my monthly payments and bills?

Monthly payments You can set up a direct debit for your monthly payments. If you want to pay every month, you can pay via bank transfer.

Bills You can pay underpayment via payment order or bank transfer.

Any overpayments will be applied against your future monthly payments. On your request, we will transfer the overpaid amount to your bank account or will send you a postal order. Amounts lower than 100 CZK will not be sent by the postal order, only in a case of the final bill.

I signed a contract with your company and became your new customer. What’s going to happen next?

After signing a contract, you will receive a “Welcome Letter” from us. In the letter you will find information about all steps that will follow and also a date when we expect to start delivering energy to you. As soon as a change of supplier will be confirmed, you will receive a Payment Calendar – a schedule of your monthly payments.

When does the contract become valid?

Contract becomes valid when you sign it and takes effect on a day when our deliveries commence.

Who reads my meter and when will I receive my bill?

Meter readings are done by a distributor which stays the same even if you change supplier. Therefore, your meter readings will be taken the same as usual.

Meter readings on my bill don’t match my meter status. What shall I do?

In case your meter reading differs from your bill, you can query your bill.

There can be several reasons why there is a difference. Human error could have happened when a reading was taken. Difference in meter status can also occur if your reading has been estimated (when your energy usage is extrapolated according to a type diagram of supply). In this case, please file a query via a form on our website or call our customer line and we will hand your query over to the distributor.

What is a distribution network?

Distribution network is a power line (a pipeline in case of gas) that connect your household to  the electricity supply. Every household has a meter that counts the usage.

Who is a distributor and who is a supplier?

Distributor is a company that manages a distribution network which transports energy. Distributor supervises and maintains whole distribution network, including your meter which is read regularly by distributor’s employee. Supplier is a company that supplies energy to the distribution network. For a better understanding, you can imagine it as follows: Distribution network is a railway track and energy is like trains (suppliers) running on it.

Who takes care of energy industry?

In the Czech Republic, transparent and anti-discriminatory conditions on gas trading market are guaranteed by the Energy Regulatory Office –

What is the electricity power?

The electricity power is electricity generated by a power station and is transferred to your home.

What else except electricity power do I pay for?

Except charges for the electricity power, there are also other regulated costs included in your bill. These are set annually by the Energy Regulatory Office. Regulated costs consist of charges for a supply point, payments to a distributor for a transport of energy, payments to an operator and the Energy Regulatory Office and charges for renewable sources of energy. Taxes, such as electricity and gas tax and VAT form another part of your monthly bill. You can influence only cost of electricity power by choosing a supplier.

I believe my monthly payment is set up incorrectly. Can I change it?

Total amount of monthly payments should be no less than 100% of payment for previous corresponding period. Monthly payment should be recalculated following certain changes, especially a change of a consumption type (change in a heating technology). In such a case, you can call our customer line or send us an e-mail and we will calculate your new monthly payment. However, we recommend to consider carefully lowering the amount of your monthly payment and calculate in advance what impact this change will have on your finances. If your monthly payments are too low, you could end up with an underpayment when your annual bill is calculated. 

I want to report a change to my contract. What do I need?

Contact our customer line as soon as you have changes to report. We will prepare necessary documents and, if needed, we will arrange for a change also on distributor’s side.

For this purpose we have prepared a special request form that can be found on our website.

The most required changes are: changes in personal and contact details, such as telephone number, email address, correspondence address, change of residence, bank account or changes in company name.

I have new appliances. Is it necessary to change a distribution charge rate or fuses?

According to what appliances you have at home and how you use them, you have been given a distribution charge rate. If you have bought new appliance and are planning to use electricity differently from now onwards, your electricity usage can go up significantly. Change of rate is related to a replacement of a main fuse ahead of an electrometer.

Distribution charge rate can be changed 12 months from the last change at the earliest.

We will help you change your distribution charge rate or fuse. We will ask you to provide all documentation requested by the distributor.

In case of a fuse value increase and change from a single to double tariff, we will need a revision report and a completed change request form. If the distributor requires other documentation, we will inform you immediately.

In case of a fuse value decrease and a change from a double to a single tariff or a change in rate, we will only need completed change request form.

I have sold/bought/moved from my property. What do I do next?

If we are already delivering electricity/gas to you and you need to transfer the supply point to another person, we will need you to send us a Protocol of Transfer signed by you and a new owner and a Request for Contract Cancellation due to moving/sale. New owner must sign a Contract on energy supply and provide a proof of relationship to the property (report from the Real Estate Cadastre, a tenancy agreement and so on) and a Contract on connection to  a distribution network (we are able to arrange this for the new owner, of course).

If you’d like us to supply energy to a new property you bought, you need to sign a Contract on energy supply with us. Send us a proof of your relationship to the property (a tenancy agreement, a report from a Real Estate Cadastre). You can arrange your Contract on a connection to a distribution network yourself or we will be happy to assist you.

Previous owner died. What do I do next?

In case of a death of a previous owner of a supply point, please contact our customer line as soon as possible.

I would like to report a meter reading myself. What do I need to do?

You can report your own meter reading in several cases:

Supplier change – if you are changing the supplier, the distribution network operator would accept an estimated meter reading from your old supplier. Therefore, reporting your own meter reading is recommended. If you don’t do so, there is a risk that any subsequent query might be rejected. Meter reading must be submitted to the distribution company within 5 working days from the supplier change.

Transfer of energy supply to a new owner – if you are moving and want to transfer energy supply to the new owner, you need to have a Transfer protocol with meter readings with you. In case that annual bill for the supply point had been issued before change of owner was requested, a distribution company will not accept your meter reading and it is necessary for you to split expenses with the new owner. We will be happy to assist you with exact calculation.

Change in energy prices – meter reading in this case is not compulsory and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to read your meter. If no meter reading is supplied, the procedure defined in the Bill No. 365/2009 Coll. is followed automatically. You can report your meter reading as of the end of a calendar year within 14 days, i.e. from 1.1. to 14.1.

Special bill – customer reports own meter reading when requesting a special invoice for supply point. You can report a maximum of 10 own meter readings per year. Special bills are charged according to the Additional services price list.