Chemicals for laboratories and industry

Company GenChem closely cooperates with foreign suppliers of chemicals for laboratories and industrial use. To our customers, we can offer more than 5 000 chemical products in total quantity of more than 11 000 catalogue items. Quality of products ranges from technical through pure, p.a., HPLC to specially purified for a specific use. It’s not a problem for us to supply non-standard products which are not usually on offer. We can also supply different quantities than those specified in our catalogue, which can be convenient especially to industrial customers. Certificates of analysis are automatically included with each batch.

Certificate ISO 9001 is a sure guarantee of the highest quality products at an affordable price.

Among approx. 7 000 items we offer, you can find organic and inorganic chemicals and specials, organometals, precious metals, pure elements and their halides of high purity, nanopowders, more than 5 000 Building Blocks, more than 300 boronic acids, approx. 70 000 fluorine compounds, silans, siloxanes, silica gels for Flash Chromatography and many more.


In case you’d like to try free samples or you’d like better prices when planning to order large amounts or set up regular orders, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

Our biggest customers are Czech subsidiaries of multinational pharmaceutical and electronic companies, and Czech companies operating in the field of organic production.