Program for investors who are taking part in developer’s risks. Underlying assets are projects of construction of energy sources, e.g. combustion of communal waste and biomass, sources generating electricity from water, wind and solar power. Investor carries a higher risk (especially of complications during the construction) but is rewarded by higher returns.

The program works on a principle of construction of energy sources which are then sold to a final investor with an actual profit. From construction to sale, the process lasts from 18 to 36 months. Returns are realised after the sale of the underlying asset to the final investor is completed.

Current investment options:

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Investment during construction:

Investor can invest with us to concrete projects. The GEEN Group will organize the construction and take care of all legislative procedures. After the completion of the project, the investor receives an individually agreed return on the invested amount.

How to invest:

contact our consultant who will discuss your next steps.