GEEN Holding a.s. is an energy, engineering and investment group which was formed by 31 companies. It ensures the complete services for the energy sector from building sources of production electric energy for its distribution to its end customers.

The GEEN group is oriented for renewable energy while is operates 6 hydro and 10 photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The group works on capital projects abroad in Croatia (the burning of biomass) and in Georgia (small hydro power plants) which were started in 2016. The group is devoted to projects dealing with the complex solving of energy saving.

Thanks to the investment input from the firm VEMEX Energie a.s., GEEN Holding became a considerable player in the retail segment when it comes to electricity and gas.

Holding GEEN is a stable company which continually grows. In the year 2016, the EBITDA of productive subsidiaries reached 63mil. CZK (the profit of productive subsidiaries amounted to 22m CZK) and trading subsidiaries 22 mil. CZK (the profit of trading subsidiaries to 14m CZK).

Consolidated takings amounted to a total of 617 mil. CZK which was registered. In comparison with last year, the sum of consolidated takings increased by 576 mil. CZK. The annual equivalent taking is 1 272 756 tis. Kč.

Thanks to the generation of a strong cash flow, the group can fulfill liabilities resulting from bonds without problems.

We would be glad if you join us in the realization of our vision of a clean future.