Photovoltaic power plant Telc

Technical parameters:
Output: 1.035 MW
Number of panels: 5384  pcs. 
Type of panels: monocrystalline; Solarfun SF160-24-1M180, 180 WP (4008 pcs), monocrystalline ASEC-230G6S, 230Wp (976 pcs), polycrystalline ASEC-225G6M, 225Wp (400 pcs). 
Type of inverters: 19 x KACO Powador 33000xi (Telc I), 1x KACO Powador 25000xi (Telc I), 9x KACO Powador 33000xi(TelcII). 
Licence number: 111533562 - more details
Basic information:
Plant owner: TECHNO ACTIVE s.r.o.
Company ID number: 03900045
Tax Registration Number: CZ03900045
Registered office: Mariánské nám. 617/1, Komárov, 617 00 Brno
Registered by the Regional Court in Brno, section C, entry number 95050