On September 14, 2018, in the presence of investors and the leaders of GEEN Development a.s., GEEN Holding a.s., LLC GEEN Georgia and LLC Jonouli the opening ceremony of a trial operation at the small water power station Jonouli 1 in Georgia was celebrated.

The construction of a 2 MW power plant started in May 2017. The start of electricity supplies to the grid is scheduled for the end of September 2018.

It is a pressurized power plant equipped with two Francis type turbines, which were manufactured in the Czech Republic by Strojírny Brno a.s.

During the construction of the power plant, it was necessary to solve problems with rocky terrain and natural conditions. A new road was built, the building of the power station and electroline was constructed. All the works were finished on time in accordance with the schedule and in accordance with the quality standards.

The construction of a small hydropower plant in this locality will lead to a better living for the local population, help to eliminate power outages and contribute to the development of infrastructure in the region.