Group GEEN Holding achieve in 2018 turnover - CZK 1,5 mld, the group finished three projects of power station in the Czech Republic and abroad, and other stations are building

Czech energetic group GEEN operating water and photovoltaic power stations and biomass sources, selling eletrical energy and gas, achieve last year turnover almost  about CZK 1,5 million  and increase the total excent  of production by 14 GWh on the total 30GWh. Electrical energy and gas deliver to a 43,5 thousand customers. Last year, it paid 75 million CZK to its investors in the bonds. The Company focuses not only on the operation and development of renewable energy sources, but also on cost-effective solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises.

The year 2018 was for us crucial. The greatest achievements include the completion of a small hydropower plant (SHPP) Široká Niva on the river Opava or beginnig operation new hydro electric for biomass sources in Croatia, where also we have other 2 objects in construction. We have succeeded in finalizing and putting into operation the Jonouli 1 hydro power plant in Georgia, which has successfully completed a trial run. In realization is no other and bigger water power station Jonouli 2 on the projected installed capacity of 34 MW, "Aleš Mokrý, CEO of the GEEN Group, evaluates the past year.

GEEN Holding - since 2009 we are focusing on production, distribution and selling electric energy and gas.  The takings was last year 1,454 mld kč, this price wants group this year increase to about 300 mil. Kč. With the launch of other assets that were under construction last year. With the launch of other assets that were under construction last year.

Total production reached 30 GWh with an installed capacity of 20 MW. Not only the expansion of the company's power plant portfolio, but also the GEEN OPTIM and GEEN SALE projects, were successful.

GEEN takes care of business and social contribution. Therefore, it employs persons with reduced ability to work in the long term. Last year, he gave the job to three more employees who are finding it hard to find a suitable job in the labor market. "We are aware that some people have difficult working conditions. On the other hand, there are a number of activities where we are able to meet them with small measures, so it is obvious to us that we are doing so, "adds Aleš Mokrý.


GEEN OPTIM has been focusing on energy optimization since 2015, primarily in manufacturing plants and commercial buildings. This reduces companies' expenses for electricity, gas, heat and water. Last year, GEEN Holding implemented more than 20 projects and proposed total austerity measures of CZK 92.6 million, with an annual savings of CZK 10.7 million. "An example of this is the installation of intelligent lighting with auto dimming for Shape Corp in Pilsen. Every year, thanks to us, we save € 432,000. "

The goals include continuing energy audits that not only meet the legislative obligation but also create an energy concept for the future. Energy saving measures are linked to the implementation of alternative energy sources and intelligent lighting systems.

GEEN SALE is specializing for taking electricity and gas taking for householding and smaller or bigger places. Unique is, that give green electricity from themselves, even though distribution cover like a production, and also selling produced electricity. Tailor-made offers fixed prices for the selected period, green electricity, energy analysis, prices are tied to the stock market, buying on the spot market or delivering increased efficiency. Concurrently they are offering electricity and gas with bonus system.