The trial operation of the newly built Jonouli 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant in Georgia took place without any problems. The power plant was completed by the GEEN investment and engineering group in September. The production capacity of the power plant is 9 million kWh per year and the investment in it exceeds $ 4 million.

The GEEN Group has been operating in the Caucasus area since 2015. The most recent achievement is the successful completion of the trial operation of the small hydroelectric power station Jonouli 1, which will supply electricity to more than three thousand households with a production capacity of 9 million kWh per year. Jonouli 1 is the first of a planned 40 MW hydroelectric power plant with an investment of more than 1.3 billion crowns ($ 56 million). The Jonouli 1 power plant is equipped with two 0.95 MW Czech steam turbines.

"The complete construction of the MVE Jonouli 1 lasted for a record 12 months. This has been achieved thanks to years of experience in construction in the Czech Republic and abroad, "explains Pavel Petlák, Executive Director of GEEN Development a.s. adding: "We have had to solve many of the specific problems associated with the construction, including the difficult permeable terrain and the strict principles of environmental protection. For example, we had to bring water through a 2 kilometer line hidden in a rocky bed, or set up a special passage for fish. "

The whole project from development from the design phase to implementation to the financing of the entire project has been carried out by the GEEN Group itself and plans to expand its activities in the Central Asian region. Currently, the preparatory work for the 34 MW hydroelectric plant Jonouli 2, worth more than one billion crowns, is under way. The economic return of the hydroelectric power plant, the completion of which is planned for 2021, is approximately 7 years. The group is also considering acquisitions of other hydroelectric power plants in the area and then building a distribution network to complement its energy trading activities.

"Georgia belongs to interesting regions due to the great hydropotency, a stable business environment and a pro-European government. In addition, we expect liberalization of the energy market in the near future, opening up new opportunities for our new activities. Deliveries and works are primarily provided by Czech and Georgian suppliers, "says GEEN, CEO Aleš Mokrý, adding:" Thanks to the guaranteed fixed purchase price for 10 years, the project is safe to invest. Georgia is one of the key foreign regions to complement our portfolio of renewable electricity production in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, "adds Mokrý.

The continuous monitoring of the Jonouli 1 Hydro Power Plant is carried out from the monitoring center in Brno, where all the power plants of the GEEN holding portfolio are connected online. Supervision is provided as a service to other operators of power plants.