• I'm interested in buying electricity and gas

    We supply electricity and gas. Directly to your home.

    Daughter company GEEN Sale a.s. is a reliable energy supplier that is able to utilise the knowledge of energy market and provide complete service and competitive prices.

    The customers also choose GEEN Sale a.s. because a part of electric energy is produced from the company’s own renewable sources which are the future of the world’s energy industry and represent the latest trends not only on European energy markets.

  • I’m interested in invest in energy

    Current public securities  

    By investing in GEEN's securities, you support your financial independence and participate in the development of a modern, environmentally friendly energy.




  • I’m interested in saving energy

    Program GEEN Optim pro energetické úspory

    Náš program GEEN Optim od společnosti GEEN Development a.s. Vás provede celým procesem optimalizace úspory energií. Od důkladné analýzy podniku až po realizaci doporučených úsporných opatření.

  • I'm interested in buying chemical products

    Wide portfolio of products and services for chemical industry

    Company GenChem s.r.o. produces and sells chemical products and special chemicals, provides advisory services and technical and legal support for chemical industry.