Who are GEEN Holding?

GEEN Holding is an investment engineering company that has been in energy production business since 2009. Our aim is to run a secure energy portfolio, which is oriented towards a production of energy from renewable sources.  

Our portfolio comprises of photovoltaic and wind power plants that are under our management. Smaller part of our portfolio is dedicated to generating energy from other sources (hydro-power and biomass power plants).

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Beside the renewable energy production, another important aim of our work and also our long-term objective is energy saving and exploring new methods for increasing effectiveness of energy production and utilisation. 

  • Energy saving
  • Cogeneration units
  • Public lightning
  • Smart buildings
  • Complex services for renewable sources of energy

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In October 2017 subsidiary of Ústecká vodní s.r.o. became the owner of the 3rd small hydropower plants.

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At present, the total amount of energy generated by the GEEN portfolio is

 75 028 700 kWh
which would be sufficient to supply energy to 30011 Czech households for a year.

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E-mail address: geen@geen.eu

Phone number: +420 511 111 950



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